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Energy efficiency

We have set ourselves high standards of energy efficiency. We have implemented many strategies to reduce our energy consumption and we are always looking to reduce and improve our energy usage wherever we can.

  • In May 2023 we installed a 58.80kWp PV solar panel system which comprises over a third of our main building’s roof. This installation will lead to a significant reduction in our carbon footprint - we will receive almost 27% of our annual energy from the sun after the installation.
  • As our building is new (2020) all lightbulbs are long-lasting, high grade LED bulbs, we also have motion sensor lights throughout the main building, in the self-catering cabins and in the back of house areas to reduce unnecessary energy usage.
  • Our building and our cabins have thermostats that can be independently changed to regulate the temperature. This ensures there is no excessive usage or issue with the heating system. We regularly monitor heat usage across the entire business - whole areas can be shut down during quieter periods, thus reducing our energy usage.