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Waste Management & Separation

  • A recycling and composting program for paper, metal, plastic, glass, polystyrene, and food waste is implemented across our business.
  • We segregate all our bins into three sections: General, Recycling and Compostable. All staff have been trained in this.
  • All staff have been trained in waste separation to ensure that any waste produced is disposed of correctly, reducing the volume going to landfill.
  • We have a zero-waste policy in our food outlets. Traditional homemade cooking methods are used. Weekly checks and management of food bin weights to ensure that this policy continues.
  • Our food packaging in our food outlets (Olive Tree Kitchen and Wildlands Wagon) is compostable and eco-friendly, except for our roast containers, which are recyclable. We work with our suppliers to reduce unnecessary packaging.
  • We compost all applicable waste in our kitchen, restaurant, food offerings, cabins and offices.
  • Coffee grounds, eggshells and tea leaves are separated, and our Head Baker uses this waste for worm comporting purposes, creating nutrient rich clean compost which we use on-site.
  • Vegetable garden on site is planted and maintained on organic principles, eliminating the use of all unnatural and harmful fertilizers.
  • Use of produce from our vegetable garden in our kitchens.
  • Our food is sourced from local producers thereby reducing carbon footprint, and impact on the environment. Meat, fresh fish, salads, eggs, and cheeses are from the locality. As much produce as possible is sourced from small artisan producers.
  • Organic food and beverage options are used where available and applicable.
  • Our food outlets are completely free of single-use plastics.
  • We have bins in all our 14 self-catering cabins to encourage our guests to separate their waste also. The bins have clearly marked compartments for recycling, composting and general waste. We have guest information in our cabins to invite our guests to help us with waste separation.
  • We have a staff uniform return process which helps us to reduce waste.
  • Lost property is recycled with local charities where possible.
  • Second hand business equipment is sold off to reduce waste.